What we do

BeatDaGame has the best rakeback on online poker, you can get the best poker deals on the #1 rooms, and enjoy our promotions and races. On the “Poker Deals” menu you will find most of the options that BDG has for you. On each site description you will find info on all promotions and on rakeback percentages. Opt for the one site that has the best deal and that has more traffic in the games of your preference.

How to join BDG

The best way to join BDG and start taking benefit from all the advantages is to add our Skype contact or to send a message via our Facebook page (See contacts on the page’s bottom).

How we do it

Today BDG is Top 3 in the world in Poker online affiliation. Thus, you will have access to percentages that can surpass 60% in rakeback. All this information is available when contacting us, mainly via Skype or Facebook.

How to deposit/withdraw?

Nowadays websites work with virtually all the e-wallets. The service is very secure and is the quickest way to move online money. Contact us to learn more about e-wallets.

What are E-wallets?

E-wallets (Electronic Wallets) are basically an online bank. In this bank you will be free to deposit and withdraw in your favorite websites, you can send money to friends, or even to possess a physical card that can be used in all establishments that accept credit card payments.

Does it provide coaching?

Yes we do. We’re very aware of our player’s need to evolve his knowledge on the poker game. For this reason, we closed several partnerships with schools and coaches. Some services are paid and others are free services. Contact us to learn more about each of them.

What's the support provided?

BDG now has a support via Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp that runs pretty much 24/7, ready to act on the player’s problems, whether they concern Poker sites or e-wallets.

How refer to friends works?

If you have friends or acquaintances that play poker, then you do not know the money you’re losing. Tell your friends about BDG and earn a commission on them. See how our Affiliate system works.

Is the focus only on cash games?

No. Among the different options of sites in our service, we got sites with good tournament offers. MTT and ‘Spin and Go’ are the strongest tournament options amongst our sites. We have everything to satisfy all your needs. Join us on this trip!

Why Choose Beatdagame?

            24/7 Support

            Fast Cash backs

            Coaching Services

            Entry into the Asian Market

            Best Rakeback Deals

            Personalized Commission plans

            Presence in Regulated Markets

24/7 SupportFast Cash backsCoaching ServicesEntry into the Asian MarketBest Rakeback DealsPersonalized Commission plansPresence in Regulated Markets

Company Analysis

It is our goal that this is a meeting platform between the most dedicated World Poker players, you, and the best and most competent World Affiliates, us!

Poker online is becoming an environment harder and harder to thrive by the day. In addition to a deep knowledge of the game, it requires that the most committed professionals have access to the softest games and to the best tools available, in order to ensure and to maximize their income. And that is our job.


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