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Unibet was the main skin of the Microgaming network till the end of 2013. Nowadays the room is independent company with impeccable reputation that hurled all effort into attracting recreational players, primarily from England and Ireland. Unibet incorporates casino, betting, funny avatars and achievements; it does not incorporate wait lists, heads-up tables and table-selecting — perfect for amateurs!


max limit - NL400

room created for amateurs

paradise for recreational players

no table-select

no heads-up

no wait-lists

Trustability 100%
Client software 40%
Withdrawal speed 80%
Recreational players 80%

HM / PT Support

Holdem HU tables

PLO HU tables


Poker Deal (Our offer)

Rakeback: Up to 62.29% WC (Weighted Contributed)
Deposit bonus: Up To €200 + Free £10 Playthrough Bonus + £10

Beatdagame Advantages

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Unibet Traffic Overview

Since the room is licensed in England and aimed at the UK residents, the peak times fall on evenings CET and the weekends. The field is soft, the games are played in EUR.

The traffic in NLHE is excellent. The peak times offer more than 20 tables at micro-stakes, about 15 tables of NL50–NL100 and 3–4 tables of NL200–NL400. The NL1K tables are available only on Friday. PLO-traffic is significantly smaller. 4–5 tables at micro-stakes and 1–2 tables of PLO100–PLO200, sometimes PLO400. The room offers Fast Poker, but we’ve never seen a soul there.

In the evening there’s decent action in SNGs up to €25, mainly heads-up and 5-max. The higher stakes of SNGs offer neither games, nor competition though. The MTT section boasts its good traffic. Daily tournaments with guaranteed prizes of about €1,000, weekly Omaha tournament €1,500 GTD, deepstack tournament €10K GTD and many others attract pleasant lineups mostly consisting out of recreational players.

Program Details

The Unibet VIP system is based on loyalty points. It is ridiculously complicated but we’ll do our best to summarise it.

For cash games there are a series of challenges

As you complete the challenges you earn points. It works out at about 100 points per €1 in rake

For multi table tournaments you get 100 points per €1 of buy in fees

For sit n go tournaments you get about 100 points per €1 of buy in fees

All the points you earn add up cumulatively

Every time you reach a new points milestone you get a reward which might be cash, bonus or live event entry.

In our attempt to give you a reasonable idea of the rewards we have based our calculations in the table below on €1 rake = 100 Loyalty Points. The reward amounts are the cumulative totals.

There are actually 60 milestones! Yes 60! But we have listed just a few of them below.

And the more you play – the better the reward percentage. But don’t forget that your points reset each quarter.

Points Avg rake Prize Value Cumulative Prize Value Total RB%
1,000 10 1 2 20.00%
2,000 20 0 3 15.00%
4,000 40 0 8 20.00%
6,000 60 0 14 23.33%
10,000 100 5 24 24.00%
15,000 150 5 34 22.67%
25,000 250 5 44 17.60%
40,000 400 8 58 14.50%
60,000 600 8 74 12.33%
85,000 850 12 96 11.29%
125,000 1,250 20 136 10.88%
175,000 1,750 40 201 11.49%
250,000 2,500 100 361 14.44%
350,000 3,500 125 586 16.74%
450,000 4,500 150 886 19.69%
600,000 6,000 250 1,286 21.43%
800,000 8,000 300 1,836 22.95%
1,000,000 10,000 550 2,786 27.86%
1,500,000 15,000 1,400 7,186 47.91%
2,000,000 20,000 1,500 9,936 49.68%
3,000,000 30,000 3,000 15,936 53.12%
4,000,000 40,000 3,000 21,936 54.84%
6,000,000 60,000 6,500 34,936 58.23%
8,000,000 80,000 6,500 47,936 59.92%
10,000,000 100,000 6,500 60,936 60.94%
12,000,000 120,000 6,500 73,936 61.61%
14,000,000 140,000 6,500 86,936 62.10%
15,000,000 150,000 6,500 93,436 62.29%

Software and Trackers

The Unibet’s software is created with players in mind. Players can stay incognito by changing the nicknames as they please. You can’t choose a certain table — the system sits a player at the random table of the game he had chosen (that’s why the pros have to open their stake several times until they see a suitable table).

The interface per se is bright and responsive. Since the room is aimed at the recreational players, the main concept of the poker client is the ability to perform various tasks and easily find a game in just one click. The tables look nice, but they are hardly fit for serious multi-tabling. Though there are no restrictions as to the number of the tables open.

The Holdem Manager and PokerTracker are forbidden by Unibet.

Unibet Poker Deposit/Withdrawl Options

A huge variety of Deposit/Cashout options are available to the players playing on Unibet Poker. Unibet Poker has a long history of fast and reliable cashouts.

Below you can check all the options available:

Transfer MethodDepositWithdrawal
Bank TransferYesYes
Skrill (MoneyBookers)YesYes
Debit CardYesYes


This room is a good option for those who live in England of just prefer soft European lineups. The rake is affordable, and at the micro-stakes it’s very low at all. The software will suit professionals capable of playing without the HUD, notes and convenient multi-tabling. There are no wait lists, and the deposit bonus is relatively small. But all the downsides will be compensated by huge traffic and soft fields at low- and mid-stakes, the Loyalty-system.

Restricted Countries

Albania, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Bahamas, Belgium, Bulgaria, Burma, Canada, Cape Verde Islands, China, Cook Islands, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Germany, Ghana, Gibraltar, Greece, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iceland, Indonesia, Israel, Ivory Coast, Japan, Laos, Liberia, Libya, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mauritania, Mexico, Monaco, Morocco, Nauru, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nigeria, Niue, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Zimbabwe.

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