First of all let me introduce you this great deal, Red Dragon Poker is one of the newest Chinese mobile applications that is now spreading around the world.

This application is very similar to the PokerKing Asia, mainly because it works the same way. And now, because it is at its zenith, Being an application that offers very soft action in low and medium bets was developed to work only on mobile devices, giving only the option to install on our mobile phones. But now with the effort of some players there is a solution that can put you playing on your PC or Mac device. Now it can be considered as one of the best poker applications developed so far.


Jackpot tables

No bankroll guarantee

Low and mid-stakes action

Works on Mac and Android emulators

Trustability 80%
Client software 80%
Withdrawal speed 90%
Recreational players 100%

HM / PT support

Holdem HU tables

PLO HU tables


Poker Deal (Our offer)

To have access to our offer you have to contact us first

Red Dragon Poker Traffic Overview

The currency used to play in the Red Dragon Network is Chinese Renminbi, CNY. The conversion is 6.8 equals 1 USD.

The rake is only discounted when you win. With a fixed value of 5%. That way players end up paying a much lower value than on standard sites where you pay per hand, whether they won or lost.

Here all tables have the maximum capacity of 8 players and there is no action in HU, SnG or MTT rooms.

No limit hold`em[CNY]
0.1/0.218 tables
0.25/0.58 tables
0.5/117 tables
1/2/426 tables
2/4/811 tables
5/10/2011 tables
Omaha [CNY]
1/24 tables
2/42 tables
5/102 tables
Short deck [CNY]
0.24 tables
12 tables

Software and Trackers

It’s pretty easy to navigate on RedDragon Poker, because the software is available in English. Once you login, you can see a lobby full of functionalities, and numerous filters to search tables by number of player, stake or even by the type of game at your choice.

The setting option offers a great 4-color decks, which makes the action easy to handle. Table themes can also be changed to a color at your preference. You can even adjust bet sizes for the bet slider, which will make the user experience easier and more adjusted to your own game style.

All tables have history, that can be accessed. It’s also filtered according to the hands each player played, initial buy-in and current stack. If you look closely, you can also review all the action in the observer mode.

RedDragon Poker app was successfully tested on the LDPlayer ( for windows and mac ) and also on Nox emulator, showing a smooth performance. In Mac OSX only 1 table is available to play at a time.

Red Dragon Deposit/Withdrawal Options

All the transactions on Red Dragon Poker are processed by a cashier. To make things a little bit easier,  we accept transactions made by e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz (you can see our e-wallet page).

Usually, withdrawals are processed really fast. (It´s charged a small fee to every withdrawal of profits to cover the costs of handling the money in Chinese banks.)


This room is great for players looking for soft action at low and mid-stakes. The advantage of being able to be played on various platforms is some of the great strengths of this room.

Because it is a game reserved for the Asian market, games are insane and chips usually “fly”. (We have access thanks to our agents partners in the region. No one else has anything of this type in LATAM)

Here we cannot offer bankroll guarantee like we do in the other asian rooms, here the players have to check the room first and have some funds stached so they can play.

Restricted countries