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PokerKing is a skin of Winning Poker Network (WPN), one of the oldest operator in the online poker market.

The network is notable by the fact that it gives access to the game to everyone, and it is a second largest network in the world in terms of American traffic. More than that, thanks to full-scale promotions attractive to amateur players (like High Five Series with 1,400,000 in prizes) the network shows overwhelming growth of over than 20% in 2015.

PokerKing offers Beatdagame’s players one of the most soft online lineups and guarantees secure and safe approach to their money, as well as the best rakeback in the network.


US-recreational players

low to high stakes action

high cashback

weekly rake-race for cash players

weekly rake race for SNG players

Trustability 100%
Client software 80%
Withdrawal speed 60%
Recreational players 60%

HM / PT support

Holdem HU tables

PLO HU tables


Poker Deal (Our offer)

Rakeback:Up to 40%
Deposit Bonus: 100% Up to $777 + $50 Free
Private Freerolls for New Depositor


King’s Treasure
SNG Treasures

+ all PokerKing site promotions

Beatdagame Advantages

Deposit Bonus: Does not count towards the Rakeback Deal.

How to register

PokerKing Traffic Overview

PokerKing operates on a network that is aimed at the American market, thus all the games are played in USD and the peak times fall on evenings EST. In these hours the number of connections exceed 1,200, mostly recreational players coming from USA. Some of players come from betting and casino games, also organized by this network.

Short tables of NLHE mid-stakes gather players at 12 tables of NL100–NL600 (including 2–3 CAP tables), and the lineups bring up memories about mid 2000s. In peak times you can find up to 4 tables of NL1K, each of them having one or two random amateurs.

PLO-traffic on the average is much better than in other small networks. Apart from micro-stakes, in peak times there’s a game at 5–6 tables of PLO100, 3–4 tables of PLO200 and 2–3 tables of PLO400–PLO1K. Another advantage of the network is a good traffic in HU games both in NLHE and in PLO: 7–8 tables at 100–200 stakes in peak. The maximum stake in HU games is NL200.

The games of SNG higher than $60 are barely seen. Due to a number of successful tournament series, МТТs have become one of the main trump cards of the network. The “$1,000,000 GTD” tournament held once in several months, the largest in the world and a buy-in of $540, is rightfully considered the flag event of the network. Such series attract hordes of random players, and that improves the ecosystem in МТТ and the network on the whole.

Rakeback and Rewards

PokerKing offers a first deposit bonus of 100% up to $777 with immediate cashback up to $50 (earn points to unlock cashback). It is paid in installments of 2$ per every 135 points of your status.

VIP-system concludes in earning points of the status and FPP points. Players get 6 status points per each $1 of rake. The FPP points multiplier depends on the VIP-level. Collected points of the status define the level of a player, while the FPP points serve as a means of exchange for real money. The exchange is available anytime, rates depend on the VIP-status. See the table below for details:

VIP-status Status Points Rake Cashback
Bronze 0-1999 0-$332 10%
Silver 2000-4999 $333 15%
Gold 5000-9999 $833 20%
Platinum 10000-19999 $1666 30%
Royal 20000 $3333 40%

Besides, there’s an excellent addition to our VIP-system: a weekly progressive rake-race Kings Treasures.

The point of the race: Players create a weekly prize pool (the Jack-pot). Players earn points the whole week. The leaders by earned points share the prize. The bigger the prize collected within a week, the more places paid. The winner gets 13%. 25% are shifted to the next week’s prize pool.

The main advantage of this race in comparison with other races — the room imposes no additional charges on the participants of the race. The prize pool is formed on the basis of the rake collected at the tables. Only 6- and 9-max cash-tables take part in the race.

The table of the rake, collected in favor of the prize pool:

Players per table Jack Pot rake Cap
2 $0.02 per $0.06 rake $0.04
3 $0.02 per $0.06 rake $0.08
4 and more $0.02 per $0.06 rake $0.24

See the current leaderboard in the client’s cashier, section Kings Treasures, or on the PokerKing web-site.

The Sit & Go Treasures race for SNG players is much the same. Weekly prize pool, no additional fees, leaders by points share the prize.

Rake Structure

Rake structure follows the structure below and is calculated using the Fair Distribution Method

Stakes Rake 2 player cap 3 player cap 4-5 player cap 6-9 player cap
NL2-NL200 5% $0.50 $1.00 $2.00 $3.00
NL400, NL600 and NL800 5% $1.00 $1.50 $2.00 $3.00
NL1k+ 5% $1.25 $1.75 $2.25 $3.00

Software and Trackers

The PokerKing’s software is simple and intuitive. You have all the basic functions plus a few unique, but not very useful, such as the ability to make straddle in a cash game or open a separate tournament lobby. The room lacks advanced filters in the lobby and some more visual versatility, though. The tables, thanks to their flexible settings, are well-adapted for multi-tabling. You can also set up the buy-in, auto-rebuy and timebank preferences, fix the positioning of the tables, etc. The info on the current status of the bonuses, cashouts and transfers between players is available in the cashier.

The PokerTracker and Holdem Manager are supported by PokerKing with no additional converters needed.

PokerKing Deposit/Withdrawl Options

All standard deposit and withdrawal methods are available: bank cards, Skrill, Neteller and other electronic wallets. The players will be charged for cashouts via wire transfers or courier delivery of the check. Our players won’t be charged for using the electronic payment systems. It usually takes no more than 2–3 business days to process a cashout. The players who use the bank cards will get a telephone call from our Security Department, so they should enter their phone number during the registration.

Important! If you are using Skrill or other electronic payment systems, the E-mail of your account in the poker-room must be the same as the E-mail of your electronic wallet.

UPD: There were certain changes in the policy of the room in June, 2015. From now on, only one withdrawal within a calendar month and not exceeding $2,500 will be free of charges. Every withdrawal over this sum and every other withdrawal within this month will be charged 5%.

Transfer MethodDepositWithdrawal
Skrill (MoneyBookers)YesYes


At PokerKing you’re free to seat at one table with the US player with no VPN and other tricks, and rest assured that your money is safe. Convenient software, fast cashouts, soft lineups, good action at mid- and high stakes both in NLHE and PLO, HU games, excellent VIP-system with cashback and rake-races make PokerKing one of the best providers of online poker games in the market.

Contact us and learn how to make the most of PokerKing.

Restricted countries

Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Dutch West Indies and Curacao, France, Greece, Italy, Israel, Netherlands, Spain, United States.

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