Not over defend the Big Blind

Defend too many hands in the Big Blind is one of the most common errors in beginning PLO players, and it is a costly mistake. Being out of position and having a weakest range, since we will 3bet the top part of our defending range, will a lot of times make us losing the hand and folding the best hand post flop. On top of that in the micro limits with high rake structure some small winning hands will transform into losing hands. 
With all this is mind we need to choose very carefully our defending range so we can have playability post flop.

Examples of good hands to defend:

This hand has a nut suit and great connectivity making it a clear call

Without suitness you need perfect or near perfect connectivity (2 gaps max) to defend

Example of bad hands to defend:

With no connective or suits is a clear fold

Without suitness and too many gaps it’s a fold too

With perfect connectivity and suit this hand is also a fold because can only make low flushes and straights, suffering from reverse implied odds and domination post flop