No Limit RFI Ranges

Range UTG (Under The Gun)

In the first position we should enter the pot with a very tight range because we will be out of position pos-flop a lot of times and since we are the first player to enter the pot we do not have any information about our oponents hands.

This is a 13.6% range where are included 180 combos.

Range HJ/MP (Hijack ou Middle Position)

Since we are one position closer to the Button we should start to extend little by little our opening range. The main difference from the UTG range is that we will start to extend to all the suited Ax, pocket pairs and all the Broadway suited cards to the 9.

This is a 17.95% range where are included 238 combos, still a very solid range that will make our post-flop decisions easier.

Range CO (Cutoff)

With only one player left to act before the Button position , is now time to extend even more and try to take out that Button player so we can play in position with the blinds. In comparison with the Hijack range, we should open some suited one gapers and all the Broadway off suited.

This is a 23.38% range where are included 310 combos, where the main focus is to put pressure on the button and steal blinds players.

Range BTN (Button)

This is the most profitable position in all poker games because we have a lot of information to act before us, witch give us precious information and we will have postflop positional advantage over all players. If the pot arrived unopen to us its time to expand the maximum of our RFI (Raise First In) range and extract all the value we can from the blinds. Its very important to explore at maximum this advantage so we can increase our winrate.

This is a 43.29% range where are included 574 combos, representing the most wide range that we should have in our game.

Range SB (Small Blind)

The SB range is the most flexibe range we have, it all depends on the player in the BB position and what is the strategy used by him (more 3bet or more call). If we want to keep it simple we can assume that if the BB player is passive so we should open a bigger range to steal all that dead money, if the BB player is very agressive and will put us on complicated spots postflop we should open a little more conservative range to not allow him to explore us postflop since we will always be out of position.
In higher limits we should have a polarized limp strategy but for micro stakes since the rake is very expensive we cant use that.

This is a 36% range where are included 478 combos, representing the solid part of SB range to help us taking the best decisions postflop.