2BET4WIN guarantees your place in the WSOP Winter Circuit tournaments

As usual, 2bet4win helps you to participate in the biggest online poker events.

This time we will run private satellites to access the WSOP Winter Circuit series and give poker tournament tickets to those same satellites.

All accounts that register and deposit during the month of December and early January will receive entry to one of our tournaments to access
the World Poker Championship.
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How much will 2bet4win give the players this time ??
Satellite tournaments will have GUARANTEED entries to WSOPC events

It will be $ 10,120 in tickets GUARANTEED!!!


  • 12/12/20 16:00 BRT * $ 2.20 buy-in with 20 guaranteed seats for WSOPC #1: BIG $50, $ 1M GTD
  • 19/12/20 16:00 BRT * $5.50 buy-in with 10 guaranteed seats for WSOPC #6: $170 Mini Main Event, $2M GTD
  • 26/12/20 16:00 BRT * $11 buy-in with 8 guaranteed seats for WSOPC #9: $315 Bounty Giant No Limit Hold’em, $1M GTD
  • 02/01/2021 14:00 BRT * $11 buy-in with 8 guaranteed seats for WSOPC #15: $400 NEW YEAR COLOSSUS, $2.021M GTD

Can you play satellites for free?

YEA!!! This is the promotion within this new initiative. New poker accounts that make your deposit will receive tickets for these tournaments and play the satellites as if it were a freeroll.

How can I participate in the promotion?

Just create your new account at 2bet4win, if you don’t already have one, make a minimum deposit required to win the ticket and contact our support team via WhatsApp to redeem your free entry to that week’s satellite.

What do you mean about minimum deposit?

The ticket value offered to new depositors will always be 10% deposit, that is, if the satellite is $ 2.20 buy-in, the player you will need to deposit $ 22.

If the ticket is $ 5.50 in entrance, the player will have to deposit a minimum of $ 55 to play the satellite.

But what if I already have an account and never deposited?

If you already have a poker account at 2bet4win but never deposited, you can also benefit from this promotion under the same conditions as new accounts.

What if I already have an account and deposited?

Then we will have a hug of thanks hehehe, you will play our satellites because there is plenty of guaranteed space and wish you already have all of our other benefits, like our private rake chase for example. If you don’t already know, right? WHATZZZAPP

It has never been easier to play free online poker, do you agree?

Let us contextualize what 2bet4win has already done in 2020, before specifically telling you what the satellite dates are.

2bet4win, throughout the year 2020, distributed more than $ 50,000 in promotions, tickets, sweepstakes, bonuses and more.

Beginner poker players, who had never played the WSOP before and would probably never play, they had that opportunity through our promotions.

Several people who only played poker online with friends, were present on the biggest stages of poker worldwide, due to the promotions of 2bet4win.

Through the 2bet4win promotions to entry the GGnetwork tournaments, our players have awarded more than $70,000 to the series events, ENTERING our initiatives for FREE.

There are people that will go to Las Vegas in 2021 because of 2bet4win.


But then what are these satellites this time?

Every Saturday, 2bet4win players around the world will be able to compete for access to a Sunday event at the WSOP Circuit.
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How will the promotion work?

We will offer free tickets to our WSOPC poker satellites.

For each Saturday satellite we will give free tickets to those who register and deposit with us. There will be a defined period for the new deposit to be made and enabled to the free poker ticket. So basically whoever deposits in that period will play the
satellite in freeroll mode. Only one ticket is offered for each person.

And you have no idea what we have in store for the last week of the WSOPC. Check there at the end of this article.

DO NOT DUPLICATE YOUR ACCOUNT, if you have already opened one at 2bet4win/GGPoker contact us to find out if it’s illegible for promotion.

Didn’t you understand very well?

Let’s take an example.

WSOPC event #1 will take place on 12/13/20. Then, on 12/12/20 at 19h will have a private satellite tournament for 2bet4win players, with $2.20 buy-in.

All new records depositing over $22 between 09/12/20 and 12/12/20 will win the ticket and compete for one of the 20 slots that 2bet4win is guaranteeing for this event.

The ticket value is always 10% of the deposit amount.

Did the first satellite pass? A new cycle has started and deposits made from the 13th, start counting for the week’s promotion next week, and so on, week after week until the end of the promotion, so on the 10th of January! It’s a lot of online poker!!!!

Make no mistake, this new cycle that begins is only for new ones accounts, if you have already benefited once from the ticket, you will not have the promotion.

SUMMARY of satellites, conditions and awards:


  • Satellite for WSOPC #1: BIG $50, $1M GTD (12/13/20)
  • 20 $50 seats guaranteed by 2bet4win
  • Buy-in: $2.20 or New account with $22 deposit +
  • New deposit period: 12/09/20 to 12/12/20


  • Satellite for WSOPC event # 6: $ 170 Mini Main Event, $ 2M GTD (12/20/20)
  • 10 $170 guaranteed seats by 2bet4win
  • $5.50 buy-in or new account with $55+ deposit


  • Satellite for WSOPC event # 9: $ 315 Bounty Giant No Limit Hold’em, $ 1M GTD (12/27/20)
  • 8 $315 spots guaranteed by 2bet4win
  • $11 buy-in or new account with $110+ deposit


  • Satellite for WSOPC #15: $400 NEW YEAR COLOSSUS, $2,021M GTD (1/3/20)
  • 8 $400 seats guaranteed by 2bet4win
  • $11 buy-in or new account with $110+ deposit

It IS TO STUTTERER with such an advantage.
Fr… Fre… Free online poker is at 2bet4win.

AHHHHHH WAIT THERE, we said there was something reserved for the final week, right?
So, the TOP 5 of each satellite qualifies for a freeroll tournament on 01/09/2021 where there will be ONE SPACE FOR WSOPC EVENT # 18: $ 1,700 MAIN EVENT, $ 10M GTD on 10/01/21.

That’s right, in addition to all of this we will still offer entry to the Main Event.
Is it that good ??
Let’s go then !!!

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