Spanish finances demand horrendous sums of German poker players

What looks like a bad joke is, in fact, a bitter truth. The Spanish tax authorities have opened the hunt for German poker players and demand exorbitant tax on poker winnings in Spanish casinos.

The main intention – to point out to other players that a trip to Spain can not be lucrative, but very expensive. Let’s start the story from the beginning: 2014, EPT Barcelona Main Event. Hossein Ensan and Andre Lettau are among the last three. An agreement of the last three brings to Hossein a payment of € 652,667. Back in Germany, he talked to the tax office and clarified everything. Until last year, a letter from Spain reached the German authorities. The German tax should collect from the Spanish Hossein taxes and now gets really serious because it is threatened to foreclosure. Around € 235,000 are the requirements of € 650,000 profit, plus interest and, of course, are still added a lot of legal fees.

Whoever thinks it’s a bad joke is wrong. The Spanish tax code is one of the most rigorous in Europe and Dragan Kostic was also hit hard. Unlike other countries, the double taxation agreement does not apply in Spain according to the latest information. That means – just because you pay taxes in Germany anyway, the Spanish tax is due. So if you are in Spain like If EPT Barcelona make money, that profit should be taxed in Spain.

Of course, Hossein Ensan continues to fight and hired a tax specialist in Spain too, but in the current situation he has to pay. Above all, Hossein is the only one who makes the catastrophic situation public, but in fact several German-speaking players have already received correspondence from the Spaniards. EPT Barcelona is just around the corner and many will fly to the Catalan capital again this year. Anyone who earns a lot should be smart about taxes before there is a rude awakening.