Following the title in the São Paulo stage, Rodrigo Garrido takes the lead in the BSOP Mixed Games ranking

It was not only the title and the prize destined for the champion that Rodrigo Garrido won after winning the 8-Game of BSOP São Paulo, the expert specialist in various modalities also took the lead in the Mixed Games ranking of the circuit, adding 360 points.

Just below Garrido, there are three players of the game tied with 305 points, Murilo Figueredo, Fred Volpe and Marcelo Cunha, who reached the 13th place in the 8-Game of the last stage and added precise points to the ranking dispute.

The sequence of the classification follows very balanced with Jose Gaudencio adding 280 points and only five points less is Leandro Ruy. Ricardo Nakamura, champion of the tournament in the Christmas stage, appears in seventh place with 265 points.

The tight competition for the Mixed Games ranking has a big reason, as well as being crowned champion of the modality in the biggest circuit of poker of the southern hemisphere, the champion also will take the prize of R $ 30 thousand.

The next stage of the BSOP is already scheduled, it will be between August 16 and 21 at the Iguazu Grand Resort in Puerto Iguazú, on the border with Foz do Iguaçu. In addition to being important for the ranking, the next stop will be historical, as it will be the first time that the largest poker circuit in the southern hemisphere will be held on Argentine soil.

Check out the top 10 of BSOP’s Mixed Games rankings:

1st – Rodrigo Garrido – 360 points
2º – Murilo Figueredo – 305 points
3º – Fred Volpe – 305 points
4º – Marcelo Cunha – 305 points
5º – José Gaudêncio – 280 points
6º – Leandro Ruy – 275 points
7º – Ricardo Nakamura – 265 points
8º – Daniel Aiello – 260 points
9º – José Arenstein – 255 points
10º – Julian Vinicius – 240 points