Poker Masters schedule will have a high quality bet among high stakes

Over the past few months, Short Deck has become the new fever in the poker community, especially in high stakes games. Popularly known as “deck deck” in Brazil, cards from 2 to 5 are taken from this deck, which leads to some changes in the rules: cracks hit sequences, flushes hit full houses and the A6789 hand counts as a sequel. In addition, the structure is “Ante only”, that is, without blinds, with all players paying the ante to each hand and the player in the button paying the ante value doubled.

Showing the popularity of the sport, the Poker Masters announced the tournament schedule and the main novelty is the insertion of a Short Deck tournament. The competition will be the fourth schedule event and will have a buy-in of $ 10,000.

The Poker Masters will be held from September 7 to 13 and will feature seven tournaments on schedule. The other major events are five NL Hold’em tournaments and one Pot-Limit Omaha tournament. The competition will feature buy-in tournaments ranging from $ 10,000 to $ 100,000.

The great Poker Masters champion will be the player who can earn more prizes at the end of every tournament. Besides the recognition of winning one of the main series of high stakes tournaments, the great champion will receive the purple jacket. In the first edition, the great champion was the German Steffen Sontheimer.

Check out the complete schedule:

07/09 – Event #1 – Buy-in: US$ 10.000 – No Limit Hold’em

08/09 – Event #2 – Buy-in: US$ 25.000 – No Limit Hold’em

09/09 – Event #3 – Buy-in: US$ 25.000 – Pot-Limit Omaha

10/09 – Event #4 – Buy-in: US$ 10.000 – Short Deck

11/09 – Event #5 – Buy-in: US$ 25.000 – No Limit Hold’em

12/09 – Event #6 – Buy-in: US$ 50.000 – No Limit Hold’em

13/09 – Event #7 – Buy-in: US$ 100.000 – Main Event No Limit Hold’em