Neymar in fourth place in the High Roller BSOP São Paulo

In these days we have played BSOP São Paulo. The most prestigious circuit of Brazil continues to add records and this time the Main Event had 1,886 entries, which made this event the largest in history, taking away the famous BSOP Millions editions.

In addition to the Main Event, the attention has been focused on the High Roller tournament, which this year also broke records of participation, where 289 entries were recorded.

This tournament with a buy-in of R $ 7,000, has seen many of the biggest Brazilian players come through the tables, but the highlight has been the participation of the grass-roots Neymar Júnior. The Paris Saint Germain player is among the 19 finalists who will now fight for the title and $ 341,050 in prize money in this tournament.

As we have already had an opportunity to speak here, Neymar is a great poker enthusiast and whenever he can take advantage of spending some time at the poker tables live and even online, where he has already been seen playing several tournaments with his nickname “Neymar Jr “.

Neymar continues with the fourth largest stack in the game, about 1,391,000 chips and has already guaranteed $ 18,370 in prize money. The chip count is led by the Chilean Oscar Alache who built a stack with 1,900,000 chips. Daniel Croce continues with 1,543,000 chips in second position, while Uruguayan Alejandra Lopez is in third position with 1,412,000 chips.

This was not the only player of the Canarinha team to be present at BSOP São Paulo. Gabriel Jesus, Manchester City player participated in the $ 1,500 NLHE six-max, but ended up eliminated on the first day of competition.

1Oscar Alache Chile1,900,000
2Daniel Croce Brasil1,543,000
3Alejandra LopezUruguai1.412.000
4Neymar Jr.Brasil1,391,000
5Bruno MarinoBrasil1,370,000
6Wender CezarBrasil1,144,000
7Nicolas TitoUruguai1,130,000
8Vinícius PinheiroBrasil1,069,000
9Alexandre RiveroBrasil810,000
10Brunno BotteonBrasil787,000
11Lucas TabarinBrasil 705,000
12Adalberto EliasBrasil634,000
13João Paulo LopesBrasil614,000
14Eyal BenshimonFrança605,000
15Vitor SantiagoBrasil533,000
16Leonardo de Melo VieiraBrasil482,000
17Thiago RachadelBrasil470,000
18Gustavo VascãoBrasil449,000
19Affif Prado Brasil 382,000