Faraz Jaka takes big pot with 92nd in WSOP Marathon

Faraz Jaka is known for his aggressive style at the tables, always prepared to give a bad beat to his opponents. On Day 2 of the WSOP Marathon, the American showed that power again.

With the blinds at 1,000 / 2,000, with before 300, the player in the cutoff opened to 4,500 and Jaka raised with 92o in the big blind to 18,000, receiving the call. The flop brought 632 rainbow and the opponent checked-call on a 13,000 bet.

The turn brought a 9-club, giving Jaka two pairs and putting a flush draw on clubs on the board, and both players checked. An A of hearts appeared on the river, and Jaka again checked.

The opponent bet 20,000 and the American went all in for 110,000 chips in total, covering the opponent’s stack, which was 70,000 behind. After thinking for a moment, the opponent paid and showed AQ, being eliminated by Jaka, who reached 300,000 chips.