Enio Bozzano is ranked among 17 survivors for Day 4 of Millionaire Maker;

After winning the 13,070-field Colossus field, Brazil is in another final stretch of a 2018 WSOP giant tournament. Enio Bozzano is among 17 for Day 4 of Millionaire Maker, which received 7,361 entries.

The Brazilian bagged 2,255,000 in chips, the 12th stack on the chip count. The chip leader is Chad Hahn with 6,525,000, followed by Sean Marshal with 6,160,000. Among the survivors was Joe McKeehen (4,210,000), the 2015 Main Event champion, Manig Loeser (3,040,000) and Barny Boatman (1,150,000).

José Carlos Brito, the other Brazilian who qualified for Day 3 of the tournament, was eliminated in 102nd place, earning a prize of US $ 7,697. Qualifiers have already secured at least $ 51,188, while the champion will bring in $ 1,173,233.

The tournament will be resumed at 15h (Brasília time), with blinds at 50,000 / 100,000 and before 10,000. Just as happened on Day 3, SuperPoke will do full coverage on Mebeliska and also on social networks. Follow it to stay within the path of Bozzano.

Check out the complete chip count:

Player Chips
Chad Hahn 6,525,000
Sean Marshall 6,160,000
Manuel Ruivo 5,900,000
Ralph Massey 4,435,000
Michael Souza 4,400,000
Joe McKeehen 4,210,000
Justin Liberto 3,337,000
Manig Loeser 3,040,000
Samad Razavi 2,935,000
Michael Finstein 2,450,000
Arne Kern 2,440,000
Enio Bozzano 2,255,000
Richard Dixon 1,615,000
Kelly Wolfe 1,515,000
Jared Narzem 1,340,000
Aaron Messmer 1,295,000
Barny Boatman 1,150,000