Day # 70: $ 3,000 6-Handed Limit Hold'em: João Vieira on the Final Event

The World Series of Poker 2018 has not yet finished and there is still the possibility of Portugal collecting another precious trophy. John “Naza114” Vieira is set for the final day of Event # 70: $ 3,000 6-Handed Limit Hold’em.

The day began with 69 survivors and the Portuguese player in sixth position of the count. After 10 more levels of blinds, the field was reduced to just eight players, with the Madeira player occupying the same position with 149,000 chips.

Guaranteed are already $ 14,871 premium, where the champion will receive $ 154,338.

Well-known Finn Juha Helppi divides the tournament lead with Yaser Al-Keliddar, both with 927,000 chips. Where all the other players are a lot shorter, with the third placed to take almost three times less chips, Mike Schneider has about 316,000 chips. Also noteworthy for Barry Greenstein who is in the fifth position with 271,000 chips.

1Juha Helppi927,000
2Yaser Al-Keliddar927,000
3Mike Schneider (MN) 316,000
4Justin Thurlow 300,000
5 Barry Greenstein 271,000
6 Andrew Yip 234,000
7 Won Lee 191,000
8 Joao Vieira 149,000