Benjamin Pollak folds in WSOP Main Event and shocks poker world

In the WSOP Main Event, The Frenchman ended up dropping a K-chip, shocking the social networks of the poker world, with many not understanding how Pollak managed to give up. The action began with player Ryan Phan opening from UTG with AJ. Bart Lybaert paid for the hijack with TT, as did Pollak, who had K8 in the big blind.

Pollak led, betting 425,000 on a pot that had 1,850,000. Phan decided to raise to 1,500,000, and Lybaert dropped his hand instantly. With a kick of K, kicker 8, and no flush chance on the board, Pollak thought for a few minutes, “interviewed” the opponent, but eventually dropped his hand.

At the same time, social networks began to receive several comments about the French fold. Ben Lamb, for example, defended the move. “I’m not sure if that was a bluff, but I do not blame Pollak for folding, I’d be shocked if Phan turns an A into a bluff, especially in that size of bet.”

Even with the controversial fold and the many criticisms of the play, it is undeniable that Pollak knows a lot about poker. Third place finisher of the Main Event last year, he is already in another final stretch in the main poker tournament in the world.