After the all-in-three cooler, the WSOP Main Event final table 2018

The formation of the final table of the Main Event of the WSOP 2018 was with emotion. After a triple all-in, Yueqi Zhu was eliminated, leaving nine players in contention for the title of the main poker tournament in the world and the prize of US $ 8.8 million.

The lead is from American Nicolas Manion, with 112,775,000, who found the perfect way to end the day in a great cooler. With the blinds at 300,000 / 600,000 with before 100,000, Manion opened to 1,500,000, Antoine Labat paid and Zhu went all in the hijack of 24,700,000.

The action returned to Manion, which announced all in over 43,100,000. Labat asked for the chip count and also announced the call, with more chips. In the showdown, AA for Manion, while the two opponents had KK. The J742J flop was secure and Manion won the huge pot.

Then, with 109,175,000, appears Michael Dyer, responsible for the elimination of Paulo Gonçalves in the 21st place of the tournament. Already very far, appears Tony Myles, with 42,750,000 and John Cynn, with 37,075,000. 2009 Main Event champion Joe Cada seeks the bi-championship with a stack of 23,675,000, the sixth largest.

Player Prize
Nicolas Manion 112,775,000
Michael Dyer 109,175,000
Tony Miles 42,750,000
John Cynn 37,075,000
Alex Lynskey 25,925,000
Joe Cada 23,675,000
Aram Zobian 18,875,000
Artem Metalidi 15,475,000
Antoine Labat 8,050,000