8-Team Brazil is the second in the 888poker on Day 2.

The team of 8-Team Brasil is willing to win the bi-championship of the dispute promoted by 888poker. The Brazilian team added up to 30 points in the dispute.

In the top is the UK team, which even having Niall Farrell eliminated, added up 50 points. Much of this score is the responsibility of William Chattaway, who was the competitor who accumulated the most chips in the race and won the 30 points for the team, giving the whole 40 hits for the British. The remaining 10 points came from ambassador Chris Moorman, who also qualified for the second day of contention.

In addition to Farrell, the other eliminated competitor of the disputed one is the Canadian Jonathan Schaler, causing the Americans to bitter the lantern of the competition with 20 points.

The other teams, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Spain also had all the representatives advancing for the second day of contention and also add up to 30 points.

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United Kingdom50